Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Emily's annual review

We sat down at Rainbows with a collection of professionals in Emily's life today to talk about her progress and to map out the next year.

All in all, I think everyone involved - head of Rainbows, teacher, and therapists - were quite happy with Em's progress. There's obviously a LONG road ahead, but we're no longer in the starting blocks.

Sue and I got to air some of our concerns that we noted recently with Emily - mainly the flicking of book pages and stabbing her thumb through them and pushing adults out of the room once she'd got what she wanted from them - usually a book or a Richard Scarry video on the TV. Everyone involved is going to work on some strategies to help Emily overcome these "issues".

We have a four point plan that we're going to work against over the next year that will hopefully push toward fulfilling more objectives on her statement of educational needs.

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