Friday, 1 March 2013

DLA application

There's nothing more disheartening than filling out an application for Disability Living Allowance for a child. You really need to pour it on thick - without lying - and explain how helpless, and utterly incapable of living a normal constructive life your child actually is. All for a measly couple hundred quid a year.

The problem isn't having to write it down, the problem is seeing a condensed booklet of your child's disability and everything it means all in one place. Reading how they can't brush their teeth, or dress themselves, or cut their own food, or go to the toilet by themselves or even communicate using more than one word.

It really makes your heart sink seeing it all ... written down.

Still, I hope Em's case is strong enough to enable her to continue to receive the scraps from the government.

UPDATE: Sue found a website that publishes a guide to help fill in the DLA. Hopefully this will help us navigate the minefield.
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