Thursday, 25 October 2012

Impacts meeting for Holly

Sue and I attended an Impacts meeting for Holly today.

We had all the professionals in Holly's life there - speech and language, paediatrician, physiotherapist, dietician, and occupational therapist. Only person missing was her play therapist.

We sat around a talked about how we all thought Holly was getting on with health, feeding, development, etc. and if there were any concerns.

It was quite a good forum for everyone to get to understand Holly and her condition from all angles and get a better idea of the big picture.

It was also encouraging to hear from all the professionals there that they thought Holly was making wonderful progress and that some of the concerns Sue and I had (like Holly not really taking to the sippy cup all that well) were to be expected for a normal child of her age. She's not out of the woods yet though, as her development is still behind a "normal" child of her age.

We are going to reconvene in 6-months time to see where we are with Holly's situation.
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