Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Holly is "Chatty Patty"

Holly. Things are going well.
Over the last few days, Holly's really started coming into her own and developing her own voice.

Neither Sue nor I have a yardstick to measure her development against, with Emily's autism viewed in hindsight, but I'm not sure if things DO happen overnight.

Sue and I have been trying to get Holly to mimic us, doing the "buh, buh, buh" sound and shape with our mouths, but recently, Holly's started "talking" to us. She's also developed additional cries. She's previously really only had the "I'm awake feed me"cry. This has now been augmented by a sort of "I'm here, play with me" cry that's not as intense.

It's very interesting seeing the development of Holly and even the experts are saying they're seeing quite an advance in her behaviours, etc.

On the flipside, she still has more movement than she needs and there's still concern over this. Over the past months, Sue and I have learned to take any silver lining as a silver lining though. I'm just happy something good is happening.
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