Sunday, 26 February 2012

Coo Coo ca Choo

I realise I write primarily about Emily and that Holly will most likely come to resent me in later years for this. However, Em was the first and an ongoing blog was interesting (and I had time - which seems to be less the case now with two). Also, now that Em is "special", I hope that some of what I write about will help other families in similar situations.

Now that's out of the way - Holly's started cooing and she's becoming really alert. Whenever she sees me, she smiles and I can spend minutes mouthing hello to hear her coo it back, making similar mouth movements.

When you have your second child, you tend to forget the joys of milestones, but this is a really nice one. I'm glad that Holly is becoming more attentive and focused.

In other news, we recently got Holly weighed and heighted. She's on the 91st percentile for height, so it looks like we've got a couple of Amazonian sisters in the family. Be interesting to see if this peters out or if they both end up towering over Sue and I.
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