Sunday, 29 January 2012

Occupational therapist's hints and tips for Emily

Sue had a call with Emily's occupational therapist on Friday and she was provided a lot of helpful tips.

The one I've really taken on board is deep tissue massage to calm her down. Seems that when she's over stimulated, Emily seeks pressure to help her deal with things. If I can give her a nice firm massage on her neck, arms, legs, feet or hands, it seems to bring her back in line.

I've been using this over the weekend on a number of occasions and it's worked a treat. Instead of letting her just get over her tantrum, I've been able to help prevent it from almost the onset by providing her with pressure.

The occupational therapist suggested giving her the massaging action every two hours (not possible during the week) and even perhaps putting Emily to sleep in a sleeping bag full of stuffed animals.

There were other points discussed, but this is the one I've really gone to town on.

It really is going to be an uphill battle with Em and a real attitude and life change for Sue and I. We can't be part time carers or part time Autism-friendly parents for Emily. It's all or nothing. I do worry how this will effect Holly as she gets older, as our lives will have to be tipped to making things OK for Emily. Hopefully she'll understand and not resent Emily. Hopefully she won't be in the same boat as Emily.

Sometimes, being a parent really sucks.
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