Sunday, 15 January 2012

Crappy times

It happens. You go out for the afternoon and you forget nappies. OR you mistaken the newborn nappies for your toddler's nappies.

The fun is when the toddler REALLY REALLY REALLY needs the forgotten nappies.

This happened yesterday when we went out for a nice relaxed four hour lunch (or as small children refer to it "a prison sentence").

Emily was thirsty and managed to neck back about 3 glasses of orange juice before settling down. This always bodes well the other end.

Anyway, we changed her once quite early one due to this intake. The next change was signalled by the upturned nose whenever her backside wandered by.

Fair enough.

However, that's where the nappy supply ended. The demand, however, continued in some sort of horrible economics example gone awry.

I ended up having to scoop her "produce" out of the second nappy to give her more room for manufacturing. Of course, to teach daddy a lesson, Emily took this opportunity to have a nice warm wee all over my hands and the floor.

This being an adult restaurant, there were that many places conducive to changing a child's nappy. As it was, the delicate exercise of "remove, scoop out, and reattach" resulted in some of Emily's "produce" going places it wasn't intended - her knee, the back of her leg, etc.

She was cleaned up as best as possible, given the circumstances, but at this point she'd pretty much booked herself a bath at the very EARLIEST convenience.

Thankfully nappy-wise, as we'd brought far too many Holly-sized nappies, we were able to pad Emily's full stinky nappy with a new fresh Holly nappy until we got back to change her properly.

It's strange how the promise of a rather relaxed languid lunch can turn into a toilet fiasco of the highest order. The sooner we toilet train Emily, the better everyone (well, me) will be,
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