Monday, 5 December 2011

Potty training fail

We're making SOME headway with Emily as far as potty training is concerned. Some does NOT equal a lot. We put her on the potty and the toilet and she doesn't have a meltdown. She also doesn't produce all that much.

Having said that, the other night Sue had Em on the potty and turned her head for a minute to grab a new nappy. Before you knew it, all the "love" Em wanted to share was working it's way out from her new location, leaning up against a cream leather chair in the living room. 

Sue, thinking quick, dove under Emily with fully cupped hands and received Emily's chocolate gift open palmed. Looking for a plastic bag, and being fully preggers, Sue ended up chundering her recently finished meal into the sink. 

Seems both John women were eager to get rid of that night. 

Since then, we've pretty much been eagle eyed on Emily when she's on the potty, ensuring that what needs to come out on the potty doesn't come out anywhere else. 

It's a long, horribly messy and quite crappy job, but some day it'll be over... won't it?
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