Tuesday, 27 December 2011

It's all in a name

We narrowed it down to Chloe, Olivia or Holly.

While Emily and I went for lunch, both Sue and I seemed to have the same mental conversation with outselves - that Olivia just wasn't "soft" enough for a little girl, the way Emily is. We could go for a Livvy or similar, but it just didn't take.

When we got back from lunch, Sue said it could and probably should be Holly as it was a nicer, softer name.

We proceeded to call her Holly from that point on. However, Sue had previously written the three names on pieces of paper ready to pull out of a hat to see which name would rule. In the meantime, they'd fallen on the ground.

We proceeded to ask Emily to pick up the paper and give them to Sue. We read them in the order Emily handed them to Sue - first was Holly, second was Chloe and third was Olivia.

Thanks to Emily's fate-driven hand, our child was confirmed to be called Holly, middle name Grace. I couldn't slip the comedic Holly Esther in there unfortunately.
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