Friday, 26 August 2011

"Illness" and language delay

I THINK Emily's ill (maybe).

I don't know for sure as she can't communicate it to me. It's a bit like trying to diagnose a family pet - she's got a runny nose, screams when she eats and cries when she drinks, but she can't tell me if there's anything specifically wrong. She's not hot, per se, but she is warm and looks for cuddles when she's crying (which is quite often).

My 10 cent diagnosis is she has a sore throat. She can't tell me this, so I have to do my best Sherlock Holmes impression. Toast, which is rough, set her off when she had a bite. Apple juice, which isn't rough was OK. She did crack a mental when I proposed to dribble raisins on her cereal though... what the hell is that all about?

Again, she could either be ill with a sore throat (to go with the runny nose) or she could just be cranky and indignant.

Either way, it didn't stop her spilling a cup of apple juice on my parents' leather sofa. At least I could communicate to HER how annoyed I was at that.
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