Saturday, 13 August 2011

Holy Crap!

We had quite a peaceful plane ride to Canada, which is nice. Em CAN be quite moody and unsettled sometimes when she flies.

There was ONE incident that was quite shocking. I took her to the loo to change her nappy, and there was only wee. I thought she'd like a baby wipe down the back to freshen up and as I did so, she opened the backdoor floodgates.

It was messy!

You can't really stop a child from pooping at the best of times, especially if they're standing on an air plane toilet seat while you're trying to change them. To say it went everywhere is not an exaggeration. I managed to clean everything up, but there were casualties. We had to spray her jeans with perfume to mask the smell and her sock was... well, she was standing in her bum chocolate, so her sock was DEFINITELY a casualty.

Apart from that stinker of an incident though, the flight went off without a hitch! We got our push chair just after we got off the plane and were able to wheel Em around while we waited FOR EVER for our bags, which is good because when we finally went through and met Nana, it was well past midnight UK time.
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