Friday, 4 February 2011

Fennie's development meeting

After the high of our visit with Portage yesterday, it felt that any more meetings regarding Emily could only be a let down.

It was nice to be proven wrong when we met with Fennie's and the Croydon Council worker who is going to help them initiate strategies to help Emily.

I came out of the meeting feeling that the tide seemed to turn and that people had Emily's best interests at heart - and not just going through the paces and offering bureaucratic rhetoric when it fit them.

The nugget of information that really solidified today is that Emily is really quite a fast and brilliant visual learner. Pictures, symbols, etc. really get her going. I'd like to think that Sue and I are doing a lot of this type of teaching, almost by accident, but it's stuck in my mind since the meeting and I'm going to try and keep my concepts and chatter with her as visually aided as possible.

Today, I feel positive. It's good. Oh God, Emily... what's that smell???

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