Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Waybuloo schedule shock for Emily

WaybulooImage via Wikipedia
It's no secret how Emily feels about Cbeebies' "In The Night Garden". It's her favourite show by a country mile.

Part of dinner making time for me now is to let her watch Iggle and Upsy but also the lead in show "Waybuloos". The show is odd as hell with obviously overdubbed children acting (badly) against blue screen, but Em likes it and it has it's own odd charm.

When we got home tonight, I was able to coax her in the house and away from a neighbouring straying cat by offering her some Waybuloo time. Alas it wasn't meant to be. When we turned the telly on there was some animated zoo show instead.

Thankfully we have Sky + so I can just find the next time it's on and tape it. Pain in the ass though, and I'm sure a lot of parents who use the Cbeebies schedule as their own sort of comfort blanket will also feel just a touch violated.
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