Monday, 14 September 2009

Oh crap

There's times in your life as a parent when you just want things to be nice and not horrific.

On Saturday we put Emily in her crib as punishment for something... being a scallywag no doubt. As I was done prepping the lally for painting, I thought I'd go in a check on her. At first I thought Sue had given her chocolate that she'd smeared everything.

On second glance, it wasn't a nutty buddy, but something a little more sinister being smeared here and there.

You'd hope a child's first reaction to crapping themselves would not be to think "hey, new toy", but to be fair, everytime we've changed her nappy we've kept the crap away from her - for obvious health related reasons. So when she crapped herself Saturday, she must have thought she'd made (or found) some wonderful, soft, warm play thing. Needless to say, she was cleaned up and bathed, while the offending bedding was dealt with in true hazchem style.

We've since realised that the nappy brand, style and size we've relied on are probably woefully inadequate for an increasingly active toddler. What a crappy way to learn THAT lesson!

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