Tuesday, 1 September 2009

New childminder

A new month, a new childminder.

Having had to find a new childminder due to issues out of our control, we finally started with a new woman, Helen, today. While Katharine was a 20 minute round trip the WRONG way, Helen is actually on the way to work. I have to drop Emily at 8.30 in the morning, so we can leave the house around 8.20am. Leaving at 8.05am for Katharine's we used to get there about 8.30am, so Em and I have got a few more minutes at home.

All this means we need to find a new routine!

As it was Em's first day, she wasn't all too impressed with me leaving her. She raised merry hell, as she did when Ness dropped her round last week for a couple of test sessions. She didn't sleep today either, but I'm sure it's all down to the "new ness" of it all.

It's funny starting with a new childminder with Em around 18 months and seeing the differences from when she started at Katharine's. She's quite the little toddler now with moods and attitudes. When we started at Katharine's she was really quite docile and just went with the flow.
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