Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The doctor's ... again

Further to the expensive doctor visit last week in Canada, we had a minor emergency yesterday.

Emily was already looking really docile, due to the heat and jetlag. The icing on the cake was the presence of redness in her already soft nappy. Sue picked her up early and headed off to the doctor to get her checked out again.

The doctor was able to tell us that Em is hydrated properly, which usually isn't the case with diarrhoea, and that it may be a virus that should be treated with anti-biotics. This is basically what we were told for $130 in Canada, without the antibiotics bit. The redness in the nappy was food, we were told, and not blood.

We dropped off a stool sample before leaving and await the results by week's end. They've ruled out food poisoning, and Em's back at the childminder's today.

I just want the little blighter to get better as her being ill really is sad.
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