Friday, 29 May 2009

Bubby diarrhoea and the cost of medical care

We took Em to the walk in clinic today to get her diarrhoea/pooing problem sorted out. It's come to a head as she's developed a rash on her lower back where the wet effluence just sits there until we change her.

I was hoping the doctor at the clinic would have a magic bullet she could prescribe, or at least give us the assurance that they could sort it out. Alas, they just said to give her the equivalent of baby Lucozade to keep her salts topped up and let the virus run it's course.

Cost for this marvellous advice? $130 Canadian. To my credit, before we went in, I told Sue they'd probably just recommend something keep her salts topped up. I don't see anyone paying ME $130!! On top of this advice, she also prescribed a mixed cream for the rash.

When we went to the chemist and explained it cost $130 to get to this point, they told us to buy the two products over the counter and mix them ourselves, as there's a $7 charge for the chemist to dispense. We got away paying a bargain $24!

Having applied the cream and given Em the bubby-Lucozade concoction, she seems to be in better spirits, but the proof - as they say - will be in the nappies.
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