Monday, 9 February 2009

Huge cranium

We've been told Emily's a large girl for her age and we're used to hearing it. This morning, just for fun, I found a measuring tape and decided to do a random measurement - head circumference. 

The measurement - her head is 19" (48cm) around - really meant nothing to me until I searched Google to put it in context. The search results were quite astounding. According to, her head is still off the chart for a 10-11 month old. 

This just re-interates the eye-watering fact that she was NEVER coming out of mummy naturally AND the fact that everytime she tries to crawl she drops her heavy noggin on the floor.

Of course I'm not sure why this chart is published by the CDC in the US. Hopefully huge heads don't equate to some sort of horrible disease.

On the subject of large heads, here's a clip from "So, I Married An Axe Murderer." Suffice to say I won't be berating Emily anywhere near as much as Mike Myers character berates "Head" in this clip.

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