Saturday, 7 February 2009

Been caught "napping"

On Saturdays, we usually take Emily to Aqua Tots to learn the very basics of swimming - kicking, holding your breath under water, etc.

Today, the class was cancelled - we're assuming due to weather which, by now, was not a problem. Usually on Saturdays, we'd swim, change and either go for breakfast or do errands. Today we skipped the first two and headed straight to the latter... much to our peril.

After stopping a couple of shops (including bargain-ladened T.K. Maxx), we decided to take a coffee/breakfast break at the local Sainsbury's Cafe, with Emily still kitted out in her swim wear - bathing suit, waterproof nappies - under her snow suit.

When it came time to go, we got a rude shock - Emily was soaking. First thought was the high chair had some liquid spilt in it that we put Em in. On further examination, we realised that the waterproof nappies weren't actually pee-proof.

I can only imagine the discomfort of sitting in your own urine for any length of time, but credit to Em, she wasn't ALL that upset!

A quick change later (we always have a change of clothes for after swimming, so it was only a matter of getting her into the "street wear") and the crisis was a funny footnote.

As a parent you're continually learning and we learned today the important lesson that waterproof is not pee-proof...that or babies don't like Sainsbury's cafes.
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