Saturday, 11 October 2008

Aqua Tots

This morning was our first class for Aqua Tots. From 9 - 9.30am Em and I kicked about and had a jolly good time in the pool down in Whyteleaf.

We're going again for another 10 or 11 weeks, until early December.

Something I didn't realise until Sue mentioned it was that everyone in the pool with their child was a dad. I guess that's what you expect for a Saturday class. Weekdays are strictly for mums.

Em has been in the pool a number of times before, so it didn't come as a shock to her. She seemed to have a good time and was eyeing up other babies and parents with her mega-watt smile.

When we were in Spain with Paul we were dunking Em under, but apparently we have to wait until week 4 at Aqua Tots to do that.

She'll be quite the pro.
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