Thursday, 12 June 2008

Going Green

Sue and I have been attempting to be as green as possible. Recycling here, walking there, and just doing our part. We even have Ecotricity as our electricity provider, those low-watt light bulbs and we turn off all our electrical points when not needed.

The logical next step then is obviously good for the environment nappies. I was quite into getting these before Emily was born (obviously really unaware how many she'd need and what type of mess to expect). We were using the disposables for the first few months, waiting for her movements to become more solid and less frequent.

They're not there yet, but we've starting toying with the OneLife nappies that we shelled out £275 for at the Bounty Babyshow back in March.

Having used and gotten used to the disposables, there is a wicked seduction to overcome when using reusable nappies. The change and bin mentality is good for quickness, but bad for the environment.

We're now in the soak, wash, etc. mode and sometimes it's just wet with pee nappies other times... well, it can be worse.

100% reusable still hasn't been achieved for various reasons - it's still easier to use disposables when out and about and the bulk of the reusables renders some of her clothing WAY too small.

I just hope we can reduce some of the c1800 nappies her baby that end up in landfills.

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