Sunday, 8 June 2008

Baby Dreams

As she spends more time asleep than awake, I often wonder what - if anything - does Emily spend her "downtime" dreaming about. I often have major difficulty remembering my dreams, whereas Sue is quite apt at regaling me with tales of sleepytime amazement.

I figure Emily is processing all the experiences of the day, and all the things she knows. So that would be Sue as mummy and primary food source and myself as someone who's there sometimes.

I guess as she builds up an arsenal of experiences, from rain and snow, to seeing doggies and cats, experiencing wind and seeing and feeling grass for the first time, she'll be able to develop some robust dreams.

I'd so wish for one of "Unky Herb" Simpson's baby translators, so we could just ask Emily. I assume soon she'll be dreaming of Dora the Explorer, and Barbie's (mis)adventures with Ken... sigh.
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