Friday, 14 December 2007

A missive from Malaysia

We made it through the 12 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur!

When we went to see Crowded House on Sunday, the discomfort Sue was feeling having to stand and sit, etc. worried me a bit. I guess the seats on a plane are more comfy than a folding chair at a gig. The trade off is you're at a gig for about 2 hours, as opposed to 12 hours on the flight.

Sue also wore her special flight socks, and so far there's been no ill side effects from the flight (read "DVT").

We've decided that this bit of the trip - the KL before the Oz bit - is going to be laid back and we'll see what happens. Sue's discovered that outside the "go to work, go home" she actually gets quite tired quite quickly, and she can't walk loads.

We ended up taking a cab back from the Suria KLCC (the main shopping centre under the Petronas Towers). The walk would have been about 5-8 mins, but because of traffic, the cab took about 20 mins. Rightly so, Sue was done for the day and wouldn't have made the walk. Just ironic how bad the traffic was.

We're here for another day, as we leave tomorrow night for Oz. Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but Sue's mentioned Merdeka Square and maybe China Town, so hopefully there's not too much walking and it's not stifling with the humidity.
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