Saturday, 3 August 2013

NAS campaign

1128 NAS NAS ACTION FINAL 230713 72dpi.jpg

I've just signed an NAS campaign, and so should you.

If you go over to Put autism on the NHS agenda you can fill in a campaign aimed at the NHS. As the campaign page states:

"A brand new health body called a Health and Wellbeing board is being set up in your area. It will have a crucial role in deciding what areas of health and social care should be prioritised, and checking if your council and the NHS are being transparent about the support they’re providing adults with autism.

To effectively do their job, they need to understand autism and the current challenges in your area. Otherwise, their role in helping adults with autism will be wasted.

You can help by sending them our message using this online form. That way we can put autism at the top of their agenda from the start."

It does worry me about how Emily will be treated, live, etc. as she enters older stages of her life. Hopefully getting the NHS to think about it and sort things out now will make sure she's well cared for in 10, 15, 20 years' time.
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