Monday, 7 May 2012

Dental irritation

With most four year olds, dental pain would be accompanies with a "Mummy/Daddy (delete as appropriate) my mouth hurts". With Emily, that is not the case. She imbibes and consumes and then screams in pain when the food and/or drink has hit whatever in her mouth is causing her discomfort. 

Things came to quite a head last night at dinner as there was more moisture on Em's face (due to tears and the ensuing snot) than in her meal or drink (or fill in other things with fluids... soup?) 

We called the trusty NHS Direct to get advice. An Emergency Dental Nurse rang us back around midnight to direct us to Rose Hill today and the emergency NHS Dentist that's working bank holidays (lucky him!)

Long story short, Em managed to open her mouth about a microsecond, but this seemed to be long enough for the dental assistant to either a) see the problem or b) not see it but pretend she did. Either way we got the diagnosis that there's nothing visibly wrong, so it could just be new teeth coming through. There was an additional theory that it was also just an ulcer but we were whisked out of the surgery so quickly we didn't have time to raise this hypothesis. Keys in the door, and jacket on the receptionist told the reason for the hasty hoiking out - lunchtime. 

Anyway. We went to the supermarket and bought loads of "tooth friendly" things for lunch and dinner, so Emily enjoyed a lunch of soup and a dinner of my wonderful home-made turkey bolognese (apparently pasta doesn't aggravate whatever the hell her mouth is going through). 

Here's hoping the oral discomfort settles down soon. It's going to be quite fun for school and Helen otherwise.  
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