Saturday, 4 June 2011

Toilet training - the forceful way

We've got a pretty slow weekend planned, so it was decided that we'd do some forceful toilet training with Emily.

We've put her on her potty with no nappy on and let her read books on going to the loo (loo, loo).

She's also wearing cotton kecks, so if she does ANY sort of business, she's going to feel it and be uncomfortable.

Well, as predictable as Emily is. She managed to do her first movement and it was a brown, sloppy, wet one. It's the kind of result that makes you want to stick to nappies indefinitely.

It's all cleaned up and she's in a further pair of cotton kecks, but we're careful not to let her near the carpet or anything upholstered. Thankfully, it's mercilessly hot day outside so we can live in the backyard without feeling like we're weather torturing the poor child.

More business news as it unfolds... or more likely "seeps" or "dribbles".

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