Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Emily's throat and puffy eye

Emily's been feeling under the weather the last couple of days - streaming nose, red sore bum - which I put down to teething, especially with the amazingly rosy cheeks of late.

Today, however, her illness upped it's game. Emily woke up with a puffy, closed eye more resembling a boxer than my under two year old daughter.

I quickly packed her off to the doctor to see what the dickens was up with her condition and was told that she has tonsillitis. This is probably one of the more unexpected diagnoses I've been delivered of late, especially when all the symptoms - barring the eye - point to teething and that I associate tonsillitis with teenagers in hospital beds getting fat on ice cream.

We were prescribed a couple of different things - neither of which Emily is happily to have administered to her - and hopefully she'll be on the mend soon.

Through it all, apart from not eating, her disposition has been quite upbeat. Long may it continue.
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