Sunday, 23 August 2009

Walking - almost there

Sue and I have really been pushing Emily to walk. Every little trip that we could carry her or let her crawl we've been pushing her to walk.

This weekend, she's actually started to show a lot of the fruits of the labour. She's started walking further and further. Previously, it would be a few zombie steps between mummy and daddy (with arms held out, zombie fashion, obviously for balance). Now, she's wandering off, oblivious to the fact that she's walking. She's also dropping down on her bum mid-walk, but then standing back up, without needing to use anything for help or balance.

They say that by 18 months children are usually walking, and given how indifferent she was we really had no hope of achieving that. However, with the progress of the last few days, I'm placing good money on the "before 18 months" scenario.
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