Sunday, 18 January 2009


As Emily grows up, it gets rather obvious that she won't be sustained by milk alone. That hit us during the first weaning session back in the summer.

However, as she's still a baby - albeit a 10 month old baby - the issue we now face as parents is how much to feed her. She is still crying for one of two reasons - tired and hungry, sometimes at the same time (which is a good indicator to feed before sleep). When I've fed her what I assume a 10 month old would need, and she gives me indications of non-interest, I take it as a sign to remove the bib, take her out of her high chair and move on to something else.

More often than not, I've been caught out and she let's out either a grizzle or stares with desire at the food I'm then feeding myself. I think the problem stems from the fact that she's a human dust bin - she will eat anything and in any amount that we stick in her gob. I really don't want to put her stomach capacity to the test and report that 'yes, 41 slices of bread was too much,' but she is always accepting of any old piece of edible you wave near her mouth.

As the months wear on and she begins to be able to communicate cohesively, I guess we'll get a better indicator of things like 'I'm full,' I'm hungry,' and 'I hate vegetables.' Until then, the dark art of baby meal capacity is a guessing game I think I'm losing.
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