Saturday, 28 September 2013

Music Therapy for Em

We took Emily to music therapy today at Nordoff Robbins. The venue is a building next to the BRIT school in Croydon, which is kinda cool.

It was a half hour session with an Irish guy called Jimmy and he said afterwards that he could tell she was quite musical (nursery rhymes aside). When he changed key, she changed with him for instance. Apparently she also plinked away on the piano a little as well.

Afterwards, we were in Toys R Us and I felt like putting this to the test. I went over to the keyboards with Em and turned one on, playing a few notes. Em managed to plunk out a random tune as well. Not the Mozart I was hoping for, but she didn't shy away like she does when I approach her with my guitar in hand.

All in all, it seemed like a very positive experience and I'm looking forward to Em exploring music more and more over the coming sessions.
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